Every time a company invests in an event, whether it is a national sales meeting, a product launch, an incentive trip for top performers, a roadshow, a gala or networking event, they need to ensure that their event has engaged their audience and they have met their objectives. This is where an event management company can save an organization time and money.

How do you chose the right event management company? The company you chose needs to partner with you to achieve your event objective. They become an extension of your organization. They need to get to know your target audience, your culture and clearly understand the objectives of the event. How do you choose the right partner? Is it a large agency, a smaller boutique firm or an independent planner?

With a large agency you know you have the manpower and the safety of a large corporation. An independent planner is one person managing an event without additional backup. Given their size and structure, a boutique firm has the expertise to support a client event and becomes an extension of the client team. The client is not just a number and the success of the event has an impact on their business as well. The hands on style, offered by a boutique firm, provides a superior level of attention to detail. The analogy “You are not a small fish in a big ocean” applies here.

Getting to know you
As a partner in this event, a boutique firm will take the time to get to know the organization, the culture, the vision and the target audience, before starting to plan. Once the planning gets started, dedicated team members are assigned and are fully focused on the client and the event. Taking the time for meetings and conference calls is also extremely important, so that each party gets to know and understand the dynamics of the event, the culture and thereby becoming an extension of the client team.

Skipping the Red tape
In a boutique agency, decisions are made quickly without having to be passed through multiple layers of management. There is structure and processes in place to ensure the integrity of the event and staff are empowered to make decisions quickly. Staff have the flexibility to change course without filling in numerous forms. Boutique firms are solution oriented.

Creating a unique event
Customization is another key element. There are no off the shelf programs at a boutique firm, each event is created specifically for the client. The processes may be the same but the end product is customized to the client needs, with a focus on engaging the audience.

Large or Small Scale Events
Whether the event is large or small, a boutique firm has the flexibility to add staff as needed to support your event. This is called “on demand staffing” which saves on overhead and cost of the event. They pull from a dedicated pool of experienced staff, which supports the core team as needed. This is also an asset when there is a last minute addition or change on an event, as a dedicated team can be assembled quickly. Having a broad pool of SME’s provides the client added resources to enhance a variety of event needs when required.

One Team…One Goal
There is an invested culture in a boutique firm. There is a sense of personal ownership and pride in each event that is being managed. Being an essential part of a team instead of just another number, creates an environment where staff members go over and beyond to ensure the success of the event.

Do you look for passion and dedication when you hire employees? If so, then you know how useful it is when your event team shares those values too. A boutique event firm is flexible, fast and focused on their clients.

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Hot Points:

  • No red tape  – not having to go through multiple levels to get things done
  • We own the process and make the decisions.  People who are not involved in the process do not make the decisions – why have VP of operations at a meeting when they will never see the outcome.
  • Nimble flexible and fast
  • Consistency – client often works with the same person(s)
  • We all work together for success….it is always a team effort
  • Individuals take ownership I think more in a small company more so than a big company
  • Work till the job gets done – don’t have a “9-5” attitude

Event marketing is a powerful way to get your brand’s message out there. Increasingly, companies are embracing it because most businesses and consumers are overwhelmed with other forms of marketing materials. When you’re trying to build fresh connections and your mass mailings and email newsletters are going unread, a few good roadshows and product launch parties can make all the difference

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