Earlier this year, we were given the opportunity to visit the beautiful Italian Region of Emilia-Romagna.

The trip began in Bologna, the land of Bologna sausage. Upon our arrival, we quickly realized that this city had much, MUCH more to offer than baloney. A short drive from the airport, we were in the city centre of Bologna, at the Grand Hotel Majestic, discreetly tucked away in between shops. As the only 5-star hotel in Bologna, the hotel lived up to it’s name… both grand and majestic. The size of the guest rooms were surprising large for a European hotel and the decor, Venetian and luxurious. With over 100 guest rooms, it was hard to believe that the hotel was in the heart of the city.

Grand Hotel Majestic Bologna, Lobby

Private wine cellar, Grand Hotel Majestic Bologna

The first night, we got a taste for what was coming to our plates over the next three days. Italy surely lives up to its reputation of amazing food that had our group of foodies going wild over every plate of pasta and serving of pizza put in front of us. Very few words will serve the food of Emilia Romagna justice… but blissful pretty much sums it up. (Foodies- stay tuned for some food photo shoot shots in our Rimini post).

 About 40 minutes outside of the city, we found ourselves in Modena (Motor Valley) where we drove on a race track… going 200km… in a Ferrari. It was a unique, exhilarating experience – one we returned home raving about.  Following the drive, we visited the Enzo Ferrari museum. Car-fanatic or not, the history and presentation of these vintage and modern Ferrari cars, was enough to get everyone “car-shopping”.


Enzo Ferrari house


Ferrari Museum

The architecture of the museum was a masterpiece on its own. With sexy curves and slick, white floors, this is the perfect venue for a luxurious event. Decor? What about decor, when you have the most desired exotic cars in the world surrounding you.

We closed out an adrenaline-pumping day with a visit to the Panini property to drool over the vintage car and motorcycle collection, and try some “fresh” Parmesan cheese made on site. Before landing back in Bologna, we discovered the secrets of Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena and tasted the best balsamic vinegar straight off the spoon.



Stay tuned for Part 2…Rimini!

If you want to learn more about Bologna, Modena, and all of the great experiences the region has to offer for your next incentive program, email us at info@eventivemarketing.ca – we would love to share!

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