An Insurance company needed to incorporate a team building activity during their event. It was a way of creating bonds between two different divisions and introducing participants who would not necessarily have the opportunity to meet and network during their event. Each year, we were tasked to create a new and different team building event. We had tossed around the idea of a CSR project, however, some of the management did not feel it had the right fit for an incentive program. We showcased another CSR event we had created and the client committee was able to educate and convince senior management it could work.

Our team started sourcing appropriate community projects in the destination, so that when the client made the decision to move forward, we had some solutions in mind. We needed a location that was close by, would accommodate 110 participants, had enough jobs for everyone to do, and a place for food and beverage. Working with the hotel and DMC, a nearby school was chosen that had been damaged by a tropical storm and hurricane, and was in dire need of repair. An advance team came in to do major repairs, and when participants arrived they painted, planted a garden, enhanced the playground, sanded and repaired desks. A CSR component was also created for companions/spouses that wanted to contribute, by creating activities for them at the hotel. The passion and drive of the Eventive team created an event that brought a sense of accomplishment and joy to the participants. The survey results were off the charts. It was a resounding success. An event to be incorporated in all future programs.