Companies have been saying thank you to their employees, clients, brokers, distributors and general attendees by choosing a “specific” gift item for them. A gift item they felt would be a memento of the event or something they felt was useful to the participant. In our new era of choice, and with many different demographics within a group of participants, how do you make a gift relevant? Eventive’s team went to work and developed an innovative concept.

We created an e-gifting solution, appealing to millennials, Gen X, Y and Z, baby boomers, ethnic, cultural, male, female, single, married, sporty, crafty and the socially responsible. We give participants their choice of gift; pre, post or on site! Something they want and will keep. They don’t have to lug it back, claim it at customs, or schlep it home. It is packaged, branded and can be delivered directly to their doorstep. Show your appreciation in a simplified and effective way!