When a yearly celebration event needed a revamp, a Fortune 500 international company asked us to work our magic to change things up. The event celebrated their top performers’ achievements and was a thank you for everyone’s contributions over the past year.

With the numbers and costs increasing, the event needed a new look and feel from the typical ballroom gala event. Our task was to feed, entertain and recognize the audience with half the budget of previous year’s and to ensure the event did not feel like a downgrade. Demographics played a huge part, multicultural, and ages 25-65.

The Eventive Team along with our partner suppliers brainstormed and created an event that had an edge and a vibe that replaced the tuxedos and gala gowns from years past.

Posters and electronic teasers promoted the event. The Executive team was involved and the red carpet was rolled out. Instead of a long drawn out event ceremony, smaller recognition events took place throughout the day in each department, 100 top performers and teams were recognized in an hour and then the celebration started. Within minutes the room was transformed from recognition to celebration, with food stations, entertainment and a large dance floor.

The celebration keeps going and has grown from 500 to 1000 with themes ranging from Super Heroes to Hall of Champions to Carnivals. Eventive created a buzz about this event that replaced the old status quo.