A major Canadian bank needed to release their financials and showcase their recent South American M&A at an Investor & Analyst conference in Lima, Peru.
To meet market regulations, these disclosures had to be made to attendees within a specific time frame and simultaneously to other investors and analysts throughout North America. Satellite webcasting was the way to go along with many backup solutions. This was no small challenge in a country with limited infrastructure and no appropriate hotel meeting space.

We hit the ground running, with site inspections months ahead, multiple conversations with Peruvian suppliers. An earthquake the month prior threw a wrench into things. However, we persevered. A custom-built tent was created to house Food & Beverage services, and one week prior we were onsite to make it all happen with Spanish-speaking staff. Security arrangements were high priority, especially when we had to arrange for participants to personally tour the bank’s unique location, at a local shopping plaza. Later, attendees visited an archaeological site, dined at the five-star restaurant overlooking the site and enjoyed a serenade by the bank’s local employee choir. A triumphant finale to a highly-successful international conference.