200 top achievers were being awarded a trip to Bermuda. Four months prior, a major airline changed their flight schedule. Restrictions on number of participants, on each individual flight, now became a challenge.

Working with our air supplier, a variety of routes were created to avoid milk runs. Lost luggage another challenge… tuxedos rented, transportation provided to the ladies to find a dress for the Gala.

An agenda of Welcome beach parties, Gala nights, Meetings, Team Building and Optional Activities were all planned and executed. The highlight, an off property closing event! With limited space available for off property events in Bermuda, we were challenged to create a themed fun event in a Victualing Yard, everything from scratch. We tented, invented and provided. A pirate night like no other! Décor, Food, Beverage, Dueling Piano Pirates, Interactive Tattoo Artists and Fortune Tellers, Tents, Audio Visual and an amazing party was created!