Incentive Programs really do work….and I speak from experience.

Just like incentive programs work for companies on employee retention, educational programs (FAMs) work with event planners! Travel is in our blood and who doesn’t love a well-planned travel experience?

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Dubai and Abu Dhabi firsthand thanks to our hosts: Emirates, Jumeirah Hotels, the DMC Group and 24 degrees, our local Destination Management Company. 

It’s funny that my career in ‘travel’, is being done literally as I ‘travel’. Never has my experience in this industry and being part of the ‘remote working’ generation come in as handy as it has in these last couple of years.

We are excited to introduce our monthly feature, #TipTuesday!  We will be highlighting our favourite destinations, venues and experiences around the world – sharing TIPS and professional advice to make sure your next event is a success.

By 2020, Generation Z will make up 35% of the global workforce.  As  this  shift  in demographics takes place, from Boomers to Millennials, we need to consider the following when planning events:

  • How do we bridge the gap?

  • How do we communicate and engage with everyone in the audience ?

  • How do we bring value to our clients to make sure we have met the objectives of the event?

As the millennial generation begins to take over the workforce, Eventive has started to move forward with more innovative, personal and memorable experiences that have proven to motivate millennials.