Incentive Programs really do work….and I speak from experience.

Just like incentive programs work for companies on employee retention, educational programs (FAMs) work with event planners! Travel is in our blood and who doesn’t love a well-planned travel experience?

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Dubai and Abu Dhabi firsthand thanks to our hosts: Emirates, Jumeirah Hotels, the DMC Group and 24 degrees, our local Destination Management Company. Let me start by saying “first impressions” are lasting impressions and my first experience flying Emirates business class was nothing but a first class experience. With a massive HD television and a premium in-flight dining experience, complete with a standing cocktail and dessert bar, the experience immediately became about the “journey”, and not just the destination.

Check out Emirates economy class experience online!

Dubai and Abu Dhabi exceeded all my expectations. Bigger than life, abundant, over the top are a few ways I would describe it. A “land of dreams”, collecting Guinness World Records (about 57 in total) and providing travelers with unique experiences that one could only dream of.  With over 89% of the population being expats, UAE is a very liberal, multi-cultural and diverse community. But it still stays true to its roots and maintains its own unique culture.

The destination is always building and growing, opening new attractions constantly. Two highlights are the stunning Louvre in Abu Dhabi, which opened just last November and the( soon to be opened – not needed) Museum of the Future, due to open early next year. Both are “one of a kind” architectural  structures that (themselves -- not needed) are a must see – before you even consider what’s inside. It’s the Year of Inclusion in the UAE and these museums are curated in a way that makes one rethink what inclusion might mean.


Museum of the future

For all the beauty and opulence, I was still most impressed with our simple yet beautiful desert dinner experience.  It was a personal “bucket item” that I can now check off and an evening I won’t soon forget….AND it was only a 35 min transfer from Dubai! Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer the sunny skies and pristine beaches your guests are looking for in  during the freezing Canadian winter. Offering five-star beachfront accommodation with spectacular views and meeting room and event facilities.

From breathtaking mosques to out of this world architectural designs, to real life experiences of a lifetime, Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer so many opportunities to WOW! your guests.